Why should you hire the team of Kakdoma Barcelona to organize your luxury event in Barcelona?

  1. Luxury events is our specialist field. We are experts in organization of the tailor-made events. We are exigent, we value only the best quality and thanks to that we have acquired valuable and rewarding experience in the organization of events as for adults, so for children.
  2. Original ideas: we are creative, each event constitutes a motivating objective of self-improvement and of overextending ourselves. We generate ideas and find ways to make them real. Consequently, we are able to pull off anything that seems impossible for you.
  3. Fast and effective organization: it doesn’t matter how much time is left until that special date, the personal assistant from Kakdoma Barcelona will never leave you out in the cold and find the best solution for you.
  4. Time saving: the personal assistant does everything for you or helps you to organize your event to the extent that you wish.
  5. Reliability and excellence: while searching the most suitable elements for your event, we rely on the experienced and reliable partners, providers of services and quickly find alternative solutions if needed.
  6. Attention to detail: we understand how important it is for you, so we take into account every detail while analising your ideas and needs. We establish a rigorous plan and care about all the details to create the desired atmosphere.
  7. We speak your language: we can assign you a personal assistant who will speak your language and perfectly understand the cultural differences in order to avoid misunderstanding.
  8. Unforgettable experience: it is very important for us that all the guests remain pleased by your event.

Personal assistant from Kakdoma Barcelona:

  • organizes original birthdays for children and adults 
  • selects and arranges individual offers for the New Year’s Day and Christmas
  • orders personalized gifts
  • organizes original greetings and impressive surprises
  • coordinates small tailor-made weddings and other events

In order to assure yourself of our professional competence, just place confidence in Kakdoma Barcelona and you will remember this event forever!

For your luxury event management ideas and portfolio, please book our services or contact us to get more information.

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Make your child happy!

Event management. We offer the following services:

  • Animators
  • Magicians
  • Organization of different types of shows
  • Trampolins and other attractions
  • Beautiful decoration
  • Funny games
  • Tasty food
  • Personalised cakes
  • Organization of presents
  • Fotos and videos
  • Animal involvement
  • Other services

Below you will see the examples of the celebrations for children organized by us:

Bring your dream to life!

Event management. We offer the most appropriate solutions for your family celebration:

  • Selection of the place for the celebration
  • Decoration according to the event
  • Professional catering
  • Personalized cake to order
  • Foto and video
  • Exclusive transport
  • Fireworks
  • Organization of entertainment
  • Presents and surprises
  • Other services

We have the key for your magical wedding…

Personal assistant-wedding planner to plan a unique tailor-made boutique wedding at a luxury villa or other unique place. Speaks English, Russian, Spanish, Catalan.

Each wedding is a precious story of love of two people, that is why its coordination is a very responsible process.

Whether you order the full wedding organization or some services separately, everything will go perfect to the last detail.

We offer the services for the weddings:

  • Selection of the wedding place
  • Exclusive transport
  • Foto and video
  • Entertainment
  • Professional catering
  • Impressive cake
  • Invitations
  • Other services

See our wedding planning services desription in the wedding services page.

Wedding in the nature

kakdoma bodes 1kakdoma bodes 2

At the castle next to the lake

kakdoma bodes 6kakdoma bodes 11

On the beach or next to the sea

kakdoma bodes 7kakdoma bodes 15

Wedding with a sea view

kakdoma bodes 12kakdoma bodes 9

Wedding with the view on Montserrat

kakdoma bodes 8kakdoma bodes 10

“The best things happen unexpectedly”.
Entrust us the organization of the surprise for your loved one, friend, child… The surprise made by “KakDoma” will impress him and strengthen your relationship!

decoración lienzos flowersdecoración lienzos

 Surprises organized by us

yacht party yacht surpise barcelona yacht surprise

surprise beach barcelonasurprise beach barcelona night

“Festive atmosphere. Sweets on the table. It smells like tangerines. The lights on the Christmas tree flame. My favourite music. Everything is how I want”.

Our individual approach is for your happy New Year.

We offer the following event management services:

  • Reservation of a table in the exclusive restaurant
  • Selection of options for meeting New Year
  • Find and buy presents
  • Order the personalized gifts
  • Organize the catering
  • Fotos and video
  • Impressive cake
  • Home decoration
  • Santa Claus
  • Entertainment
  • Fireworks
  • Other services

Meet the New Year and spend Christmas like at home!

Write a letter to Santa Claus, we collaborate directly with him and we control that all your wishes come true!