Planning your holiday, business trip, wedding trip, romantic escape to Barcelona?

The most important thing is not the purpose, but the fact that your trip gives you valuable and unforgettable experience. So instead of planning it on your own reading a hundreds of websites and using all kind of apps, ask the KD personal assistant to take care of your travel arrangements to Barcelona: local know-how, somebody who understands you, ready to meet all your needs, who speaks your language and can save your time – this is what really matters, this is what you need for your success and peace-of-mind!

Plan it better

We can plan your entire trip from A to Z or take care just of some essencial aspects of it. We can give you expert advice on exclusive restaurants, places of interest, typical for the region entertaining activities and significant events. You will always stay in contact only with one person. There is nothing impossible for Kakdoma Barcelona!

Travel arrangements we offer:

  • selection and rental arrangement of the luxury villa
  • arrangement of comfortable transportation
  • meet and assist, VIP services at Barcelona airport
  • concierge service 24/7/365 and personal assistance online and face-to-face
  • yacht charter and full pack of necessary services on board arrangements
  • chef, nannies, driver, bodyguard, personal trainer selection
  • tailor-made tours and all kind of activities
  • other services upon request

Everything for your perfect holidays, trip or event according to your preferences.

Read our clients’ impressions about our services.

Feel free, feel good!

Like in a famous James Brown’s song “Whooooau! I feel good, I knew that I would, now… So good, so good, I got you” – this is how you feel when you’re happy, when you have booked Kakdoma Concierge service, because the reactive concierge speaking your language using his time, knowledge, skills and contacts, is able to fulfill even the most specific customer requests more efficiently than anyone else, and besides, thanks to this, you will have more time for you.

Being available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, anywhere in Barcelona (online), easy reachable (whatsapp and phone) our concierges will help you to get a quick advice and solve all kind of doubts, to do whatever you want and avoid the misunderstandings.

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Make it unforgettable!

Are you planning to propose in Barcelona? Do you want to surprise your friend, husband/wife? Do you want to celebrate a fantastic birthday for your child or unique wedding party?

Again, doesn’t matter the purpose, we know you want to live an unforgettable experience, we know how to achieve your dream, we have all the necessary tools for it, we have a rich imagination and we want you to say “Wow, we did it, it’s amazing, I will never forget it!” Contact us, we have everything you need to turn your holiday, trip or event into the most unique experience in Barcelona!

See some examples of the events organized by KD team.

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Get the most of it!

Are you a frequent business traveller who loves the busy, fulfilling life of travelling everywhere to negotiate your deals, but hates the lot of twists that comes with it? Do you want to stay focused and productive on every trip so you take the least time to complete what’s most important?

Personal assistant will help you to stay productive during your business travel in Barcelona. The are no patterns or one-stop solutions for it. We talk to you and understand your needs and preferences. We prepare a tailor-made programme for your business trip, that is based on effective time management, that includes not only meeting arrangements, but also transport and accommodation arrangements, leisure activities and other things according to your needs. We think about every detail, so you can get the most of your trip in Barcelona.

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Please contact us to get more information about travel arrangements.