Concierge Service Barcelona Partners

Reliability, professionalism and international customers

Our concierge service in Barcelona “Kakdoma Barcelona” is a necessary link between Catalan companies and International clients. We do not only eliminate the language barrier in communication, but also eliminate the cultural barrier, thus achieving maximum understanding between the two sides.
As the French writer Jules Verne said: “Anything that can imagine a single person will be able to carry out other people.”
We will turn into reality everything our customers imagine thanks to the mutual work with our professional partners.

Our goal – are fully satisfied customers, because their problems are quickly solved whenever they are on holidays or relocating to Barcelona. And to offer them the best quality service and to exceed their expectations, we are closely connected with our partners from different business sectors, as they are the key to success, and their reliability and professionalism – these are the most important qualities that define our business relationship.

We successfully cooperate with leading companies of Barcelona, as well as local experts from different business sectors.

Cocnierge Service KD partners


Basis of the commercial relationship with the partners of KakDoma BCN S.L.

The company KakDoma BCN S.L. builds ties with its suppliers in the sphere of its activities of consulting about different products and services for the final customer basing on the next principles:

1. Orientation to the excellence

Mutual collaboration for the improvement of the quality of the services and products with the shared goal of offering the excellence to our clients.

2. Mutual responsability of the quality, garanties and safety of the product or service

It is necessary to comply with the norms, rules and standards of the quality in accordance with the expectations of the client.

3. Strict responsability according to the norms which regulate the activity of the company

Each company involved in the elaboration, change or manipulation of the product has to meet the norms which regulate a definite type of activity  like, for example, work relationships, human rights and cooperation, environmental improvement.

4. Accomplishment of the terms established for the commercial relations

Duty of the accomplishment of the terms, conditions and delivery dates established in the contract and payment limit time.

5. Stability in the relationship

We have the objective of having long and stable relationship with our suppliers with the aim of getting mutual benefits and benefits for our clients.

6. Honesty and confidence

Our relationship should be based on the honesty and confidence, responsability of the exchange of information which can be useful for the accomplishment of this principle.

7. Duties of the confidentiality

From the perspective of our company´s confidentiality, we promise to comply with the confidentiality of our clients´ data we work with and the confidentiality of the data of the suppliers with which we have the contract signed.