Luxury properties and how to manage them

Luxury properties and how to manage them

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A property is considered to be luxurious when it costs more than 1 million euros. These are the real estate properties that haven’t suffered from the crisis. According to the information from the portal Idealista, the search of luxurious houses has increased 78,8% since 2013. Furthermore, its price has raised 6% during last four years. Now the medium price of the premium properties is about 2 millions euros. The majority of these luxurious properties are situated in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and the Balearic islands.

The Spanish luxurious real estate market has a good position internationally. It is expected that in 2017 a lot of foreigners will continue buying luxurious properties next to the beach or in other “prime” zones — the best districs of big cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Warm climate, excellent quality of life, good real estate offers and juridical security of the deal. The purchase of the property depends on its location, because a lot of foreigners relocate to Barcelona with children and their aim consists in enrolling them to the prestigious schools and universities. That is why apart from the information about the houses people ask “Kakdoma Barcelona” for a consultation on the search of an elite educational centre and they choose the most appropriate real estate property basing on it.

Barcelona counts with approximately 400 luxurious properties that are situated next to the central streets Passeig de Gràcia and Rambla Catalunya and in residential districs of so-called “Zona Alta”. Undoubtedly, Pedralbes is the most exclusive district of the city. The most expensive flats and houses of Spain are there. Pedralbes means luxury, neighbours millionaires, big parks, nice shops. All this is not far away from the centre of Barcelona. The districs Sarrià and Sant Gervasi are also popular among the buyers of the luxurious properties. A lot of premium properties are situated along the coast, principally in Costa Maresme and Sitges.

After the purchase it is extremely important to manage the property correctly because you need a lot of time and energy for it. Well-timed payment of taxes and utility bills, perfect interior design, professional cook and gardener, blameless cleaning, security… These are just some crucial elements of the good home management. Normally the busy owners don’t have time for organisation and control.

“Kakdoma Barcelona” assures a proactive approach to your home management. We will take the routine on us, fulfil your demands fast and of high quality and this way guaranty your calm and comfort. Do really important things and things you like to do. We will  do everything for you to enjoy your sweet home.

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