Do people really know what a personal concierge is?

Do people really know what a personal concierge is?

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“Instead of working for the sake of life, we live for the sake of work. In fact, the best way to get more is by doing less. More is less, when we concentrate on the few truly important things, including our own happiness and the happiness of our loved ones,” – Richard Koch writes in his revolutionary book “The 20/80 principles”.

And what does it have to do with our services?

Let’s start by saying that often seemingly simple tasks take us a lot of time or we fail to accomplish them altogether. However, unresolved issues, unpaid bills and calls we never make are piling up in our “to do” lists, impeding our active and happy life. Using concierge services means to shift the burden of all these concerns on the shoulders of a reliable assistant, and dedicate your time to the family, the work you are really good at, and to those activities you truly enjoy.

“What is this life if full of care. We have no time to stand and stare.” William Henry Davies

By and large, you can do yourself virtually all the work carried out by the personal concierge. The question is how long it will take you and whether you will actually save your money or not. In order to accomplish your daily household errands or solve emergency issues quickly and effectively, while abroad, you need someone who is familiar with the local infrastructure, has a sound professional network and who, obviously, speaks Spanish, Catalan and English. Solving these issues on your own, you waste your precious time unwisely, get distracted from your work and, eventually, inevitably get stressed, whilst you could be doing a work you productive at or simply something enjoyable.

It sounds great, but it’s only for the rich, isn’t it? Not exactly. Concierge agencies do provide VIP services, that cost what they cost, but standard concierge services are much more affordable than many people think. Meanwhile, a personal concierge saves you time for your job. The cost of hiring a personal concierge or a life style manager, as they also call it, is most probably lower than your hourly rate, so you are already ahead. In addition, you will certainly be more productive at work, as you will not be distracted by minor tasks and worries. Imagine that your entire “to do” list can be passed to an experienced professional. For all the errands and all the arising issues you will have a one-top-shop phone number or an email address.

Being able to solve various kinds of problems making just one call is priceless.

The above is especially relevant in a foreign environment. While abroad, doing it all yourself will cost you more time and money than outsourcing the work. Your concierge agency has already spent many months or even years to build trustful relationships with local suppliers of goods and services. As a result, they will accomplish any task better and faster, and you will get a better deal and will be treated better. In addition, you will get an accurate and updated information, you won’t have to spend daunting hours searching data on the Internet among all the unverified information and advices on forums.

Moreover, your personal concierge will be personal, indeed. We will contact you or arrange a personal meeting to get to know you, your family and your preferences. Therefore, your personal concierge will be able to anticipate your desires and needs, which will save you even more time and effort.

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