Секреты успешных риэлторов в Барселоне

Секреты успешных риэлторов в Барселоне

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Realtors in Barcelona often say because of the independent nature of the work, the travails of the business, and the irregular cash flow, real estate is perhaps one of the more stressful professions to pursue. We don’t want you to be stressful, we want you to be successful!

So what are the secrets of success in real estate in Barcelona?

Plan for success

At present, only the API group has more than 3,000 realtors who develop in a regulated manner the real estate agent profession throughout Catalonia, protected by a public law corporation. More and more people are attracted to this profession increasing competition, but not all of them do this work professionally. Most new realtors in Barcelona fail in their first year or two. They fail because they do not plan for success. Read the 3 secrets that can make a difference in your probability of success in real estate.

Keep fit and up to date

When helping people through a process as life-changing as buying and selling a home, you would expect emotions to come into play. Panic, regret, frustration, fear. As real estate practitioners, you get to witness it all. Here’s how to keep your clients’ emotions (and your own) under control. You have to take care of yourself first, eat healthy, do sport, invest in yourself, update your knowledges. Otherwise you will have nothing left to offer your clients.

Make your clients happy

Create loyal customers that will hopefully recommend you to their pals and gain a certain respect from your boss or other realtors in Barcelona.

Understand Investors

Real estate investors are a different breed of client with a whole set of unique needs and demands. As a real estate professional, it’s imperative that you know their goals, the real estate investment choices available to them, and the financial and tax ramifications of each. Here’s 9 tips for working with Investor clients.

Make it easier for Relocation clients

Realtors in Barcelona services for relocation clients should be a little more extensive than they are for your usual buyer. Moving to a new country is particularly hard. Everything changes. As a realtor in Barcelona, there are things you can do to make life easier for relocation clients. It’s often the little things that make the greatest impact. For example, this help can be appreciated by your clients:

  • you can send them a complete relocation guide, including: information about living in Barcelona, a map of the City and location of public services, shopping, schools and etc.
  • create a list of web sites you recommend for learning about local culture, events, and activities.
  • recommend them reliable local concierge company or personal assistant to assist them in Barcelona, so they will feel confident and fully accompanied here.

Impress your VIP clients

Around the holidays or after closing a sale, show appreciation to valuable clients while staying top of mind for referrals and future opportunities. While it’s tempting to send a bottle of wine, chocolates or fruit basket, these gifts won’t leave a lasting impression. Instead, surprise them with a gift that will improve their lives and make the transition to their new home even easier. This will make you different from other realtors in Barcelona.

Personal Concierge for realtors in Barcelona

You can purchase individual gifts of time for your VIP clients or an account credit that you purchase and distribute to your clients, employees, and strategic partners. Your recipient will receive Best of Kakdoma Barcelona Personal Concierge services that include but are not limited to errand services, personal shopping, and even waiting around for the Cable guy. How your recipient decides to use their personal concierge hours is up to them. Not only will they consider it done, but they also gain free time to enjoy. Moving is one of the most stressful life events, so give your clients a gift that will help them enjoy their new home.

How to Get Started:

  1. Choose the number of KD hours you’d like to purchase. We recommend gifting between 6-8 hours of concierge services per client.
  2. Contact us to purchase your hours.
  3. For each gift, we’ll provide a digital gift certificate that you can send directly to your client, or the KD team can send for you.

Remember, it’s often the little thoughtful things that will matter most. Thanks to you, your clients will have a trusted team of professionals available to manage the stressful aspects of their move.