Creating more time for people

Isn’t it wonderful to have a reliable person that understands you, knows your preferences, thinks just like you and knows what would you do, this way getting your list done exactly like you wanted or even better? Personal assistant can become this person for you.

Personal assistant

Personal Assistant can complete any requests of the Concierge, but the Concierge can’t work as a Personal Assistant. He is different from the Concierge because due to the individual approach and close cooperation with the client, he can become so close and useful for you, that he can act on your behalf, without interrupting your day. This allows you to save as much time as possible and achieve success without any effort. Personal Assistant from Kakdoma Barcelona uses our own experience, verified partners and extensive connections in order to complete your requests and get the best results.

Pro-active, Efficient, Reliable

This pro-active, efficient and dedicated service can be provided by a person assigned specially for you (all our assistants work confidentially and professionally). Personal assistant service is perfect for people who are planning a holiday in Barcelona, want to move to Barcelona (when local experts support is especially important) or manage any project of life. As a personal assistant can become a reliable representative of the client in Barcelona, these services are especially appreciated and widely used by businessmen and property owners who are not permanently live in Barcelona. We offer you full personal assistance from everyday household chores, errands to the fulfilment of your dearest wishes. We are detail-oriented people striving to provide our clients with the best experience of life.

Reduce Stress

We take over your time sinking tasks allowing you to focus on what’s really important. You can trust us to manage all those important occasions where you need to leave a lasting impression or simply handle all the tedious responsibilities that crowd your everyday life. We respond to every need, from running the simplest errand to satisfying complex, time-consuming requests.

What can KD Personal Assistant do for you:

Our clients recommend us:

Elena I., Moscow

“We thank your company for the help.
Marina has helped us in the search of the school for our child. All our questions (and there were a lot), were solved very quickly. Marina explained everything in details. We could feel a very sincere treatment to the clients. We are glad to meet you!”


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