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Living without hassle, enjoying every moment, having enough time for the really important work, family and hobbies – this is what every successful person aspires. We want you to be successful, that’s why we designed our time-saving services widely used by people who value their time, require quality and prefer an individual approach. See our clients’ experiences.

Personal assistantPersonal Assistants

Our personal assistant acts on behalf of you and represents your interests in Barcelona.
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Personal conciergePersonal Concierge

Our concierge finds effective solutions to your requests quickly; can be available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Concierge serviceCorporate Concierge

Outsource non-essential tasks or make it easier for your team to be productive at your business.
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Everyday Assistance
Home Management

Relocation, to have peace of mind during this stressful process
Relocation, to have peace of mind during this stressful process
Emergency Requests - get a support in urgent situations with just one call
Special Events, the luxury of feeling unique
Unique Experiences, to make your dreams come true



Personal assistant in Barcelona

Our team consists of proactive lifestyle specialists in Barcelona with international experience. We connect the local and international societies and work with reliable partners. Our mission is to be useful for the modern society, being the leader in concierge service and effective time management.

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Prompt and quality service in English, Russian, Spanish and other languages.

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We create time and happiness for people

Our personal assistant can make your life quality much better, because we create more time for you and keep you out of the worries.
Time is priceless, it can not be bought, but thanks to the services of our company you can save it. Don’t waste your valuable time on things that are not worth it. Spend it wisely on something you really like and enjoy. Live a successful and fulfilling life using our services as tools to get what you want. You can have it all without doing it all. We can help you to achieve all your goals.

Creating time and happiness for people


Creating value for people

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