Concierge service Kakdoma Barcelona saves you time and money

Concierge service Kakdoma Barcelona works for busy people, for people who values time, experience, “I only live once” concept.

Are you moving, relocating to Barcelona? Are you living here? do you have a real estate property or business here? Become a client (Membership) of “KakDoma Barcelona” and enjoy a better life using our lifestyle concierge services.

Are you coming for business or holiday in Barcelona temporally? Do you need a one time service in Barcelona? Book our services without any account, on a prepaid basis (Pay for request).

Our services are designed to save you unnecessary troubles, make your life easier and more fulfilling. The more often and the longer you use our services, the wiser it is for you: gradually getting to know your tastes and lifestyle, we understand you perfectly, complete your tasks promptly and become your faithful assistant in all areas of life. Living without the hassle, enjoying every moment, having enough time for the really important work, family and hobbies – this is what every successful person aspires.

Relocation, Business set up, Real Estate, Home management, Special Event Celebration, Legal services… As we provide Personal Assistant services, it means he/she can do everything for you here in Barcelona.

No doubt, you can complete almost all these tasks on your own, the question is, how much it will cost you and, most importantly, how long it will take you. In most cases, outsourcing your casual errands to a personal concierge, eventually, both saves you valuable time and money, especially when you are abroad. Your concierge knows where and how to get the best goods and services at competitive prices, and how to avoid extra charges caused by the lack of knowledge of the local environment. In addition, your personal concierge has already built a sound network of partners and suppliers, enjoying special conditions that are rarely offered to new clients.

Our concierge service works on a prepaid basis. You can pay for every single order or get a deposit and forget about the troubles associated with payment procedures. Customers who get a deposit, are offered special conditions in KD Barcelona. You can pay our services via PayPal, bank transfer* or in cash**.

In KD Barcelona, being a regular customer with a personal account (MEMBERSHIP) is always easier and more convenient, however, you can also use our services without having an account (PAY FOR REQUEST).

* The bank transfer fees are paid by the client.

** Coming to collect the payment in cash may imply additional charges, depending on the situation.

You can purchase a package of hours to complete your tasks by our specialists. Then you can use these hours yourself or present them to someone. In order to present them, you need to purchase a gift voucher, which can be printed or sent by e-mail.

What if additional time will be needed to complete my tasks?

You can purchase additional hours at a special rate, corresponding to the plan you chose. We will offer you to choose the most suitable payment method. Our services can be paid via PayPal, bank transfer or in cash.

Every customer is assigned a skilled agent specialised in concierge services. The agent is assigned to each client individually, according to the client’s profile, objectives and needs. Although you will have your personal agent, the work is carried out in a team, that enables us to solve your problems quickly and effectively.

All information about the performed actions is stored in our protected archives. If any of the employees, for whatever reasons, will not be able to continue working with the client, another suitable agent with study your dossier and contact you to get your approval. After that, the work will continue in the way you are used to.

Within the bounds of the possible in a given country and environment, we guarantee the highest performance. If, for whatever reasons, your request can not be completed successfully, we will inform you about this in advance and offer an alternative solution to meet your needs and aspirations.