• Have you just bought or rented a property in Barcelona and need to equip it?
  • Do you want a reliable company to look after your property while you are away?
  • Are you renting your property with the aim of benefits and not troubles and worries?

Choose the most suitable for your needs home management pack or call us and we will advise you the service that will be helpful to you.

Frist home management services
First Home Management
Do it right the first time
If you don't have the time to do it right, you must have the time to do it again. Have you just become the real estate property owner in Barcelona? This pack of services is like the "first aid" for you. We resolve all the questions related to the property after its purchase: transfer the utilities bills, arrange the taxes payments, connect to the internet, alarm etc. Let us take care about this important first step in order to avoid all the possible problems in future. More about home management
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Standard Home Management
Standard Home Management
Peace of mind to the property owners
Get the most useful service for property owners. Trust the experts and stop worrying about your flat or house in Barcelona. One call to us can deal with a lot of issues and the constant contact with us will release you from stress. We represent your interests, solve all appearing problems and care about your property like you would do it. More about this service
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Full home management
Full home management
100% care of your property
The main aim of Kakdoma Barcelona home management team is to represent the interests of the property owner and keep him/her free of stress and worries while he/she is away. We can take total care of your property, pay bills, taxes and take decisions on your behalf. We can save your time and be your reliable assistant in Barcelona.
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Tenant Home Management
Tenant Home Management
Maximum profit$, minimum stress
Do you want to rent your property to obtain the benefits and not the additional stress? We have the solution! Our experience in planning, preventive property maintenance, dealing with any kind of problems ensures tenant satisfaction and profitability for the property owners. More about this service
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