We work to win more time for you, to make your life better and you – happier :)

Our team’s mission is to make difference in the modern lifestyle, being the leader in concierge and time-saving services and a brand of quality and efficiency for the local and international markets.

Concierge service KD values

Basics of successful business used in our concierge service

  • We find happiness in the success of others
  • We relentlessly seek new experiences
  • We don’t think work/life balance; we just think life
  • We’re incredibly empathetic
  • We have something to prove – to us
  • We ignore the 40-hour workweek hype
  • We see money as a responsibility, not a reward
  • We don’t think we’re remarkable
  • We know that success is fleeting, but dignity and respect last forever

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Marina Vysockaja

Marina Vysockaja

personal assistant, manager, co-founder

Marina speaks 5 languages and has international experience of studying, living and working abroad. She is reliable and efficient, dedicated to save time of busy people. She provides luxury lifestyle concierge and home management services to high-level clients in Barcelona. Working as a personal assistant, representing property owners in Barcelona, she solves all their problems and meets all their needs, that makes their life much easier.

Marc Bonet

Marc Bonet

financial director, CEO, co-founder

An architect by profession, Marc has a rich imagination. He successfully designs not only a business strategy, but also reliable relationships with people with whom he communicates. Jobs in sales and management helped Marc to gain valuable experience, and now he successfully applies his talents and abilities in Kakdoma business development.