Personal assistant services are time-saving services dedicated to people who value their time and prefer an individual approach.

Personal assistant plans, organises, analyses, represents your interests in Barcelona.

Personal assistant service is perfect for holiday arrangements, relocation or to achieve other your goals.

Get your to do’s done, start living smart, don’t waste your time on the things you don’t want to do, use our Personal assistants‘ know-how and efficiency and enjoy your success.

Dedicated Assistant
Dedicated Assistant
Save your time and value it every day
It is a perfect option for people, who need a professional assistance in planning their holiday, their business trip or make their everyday life more efficient in Barcelona. Our Dedicated Assistant plans, organizes, selects the most useful information for you and gives the possibility to choose from the most suitable options. The aim of the service is to meet all your needs and save your time.  
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Консьерж и Личный Ассистент в Барселоне
Use Concierge and Personal Assistant Services in Barcelona on request whenever you wish and pay only for the service you need. No membership is required!
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Personal secretary
Personal secretary
Create your new lifestyle
This pack includes organization of the unlimited number of services in all spheres of life. You will stay in contact only with one person - your personal secretary. He(she) will solve all your questions from the office or outside the office. So, you can avoid the information mess and your requests will be done fast. The interpreter services are included in this pack. You can choose your personal secretary's working time yourself: from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 or 24/7/365. Personal secretary who works from 09:00 to 18:00, only working days Personal secretary 24h who can make your requests and be accessible for you 24h per day, all the day of the week
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International School Barcelona
School selection process
“School selection” General information about the schools, specially for you selected options of 2-3 schools, information about the admission process, interview arrangement and enrolment to the chosen school. The PA's service is provided online and by phone. “School selection + personal interpreter” It includes all the above-mentioned services and 6 hours of interpreter assistance (2 schools, maximum 3 hours in each school). “School selection + personal interpreter + transfer service” It includes all the above-mentioned services, 6 hours of interpreter assistance and transfer to the school.
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Event management
Event management
Do you want to organize a unique and impressive event? We will take care of all the details that can ruin the long-awaited celebration if there is no well-planned organization. Have fun, great impressions and let your party bring people joy. They will remember it for a long time. Full organization of the unique celebration in Barcelona: book a table in the restaurant, decorate a room, order a cake, hire an entertainer, juggler, musicians, karaoke, photographer, etc. Large experience in organization of original birthday parties for adults and children, love surprises and other celebrations.*
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