Property inspection before buying a property

Property inspection before buying a property

When it comes to buying a real estate property, what you see isn’t exactly what you get.

You’ll see colourful flowers, freshly painted walls, granite countertops, gleaming hardwood floors and other superficial touches. What you can’t see is the foundation cracks, ancient plumbing, dangerous wiring, broken appliances or other defects that might be revealed when you hire a PA for a property inspection.

What is a property inspection?

A property inspection is an opportunity for you to hire a person who defends your interests to walk through the real estate property and prepare a report that outlines the property’s major components, their current condition, what needs immediate attention and what will require maintenance after you move in or you rent it out.

As a buyer, your property inspection report offers a deeper understanding of whether the property has been well-maintained or needs major repairs. If you’re not satisfied with the property’s current condition, you can request the seller address the repairs or give you a credit toward the cost of repairs at closing. A report can also help you prioritise repairs and improvements after you buy the real estate property, and plan for upgrades.

Who can inspect the property

The property inspection before buying is not very common in Spain. A real estate agent will probably tell you that you should inspect the property you want to buy by yourself and that you shouldn’t worry about anything, because, as by Law, if you detect the hidden by the vendor defects after you purchase it, you can cancel the deal and the seller will have to return you money. But it can be done only in special cases and can cost you a lot of time and money to get your money back.

Kakdoma BCN team can fully check the property and provide you with a tailor-made report of the property inspection, so you can know what you buy and what costs and expenses to expect in future. The report can be written in English, Spanish, Catalan or Russian languages.

Does it worth to get a property inspection?

Yes, of course it does, no doubt. For two very important reasons: health and money.

The person during the general property inspection, can see the signs, that may cause health problems in future. We can see the signs and recommend a specialist to check out this sign. For example, the excess of humidity is a very common problem in Catalonia. The mould can cause a host of health concerns. It commonly causes allergic reactions, such as hay-fever-like symptoms and rashes, as well as upper respiratory issues such as coughs, sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, and shortness of breath.

We can see and value the fissures, that may be a cause of entering of the radon gas. The radioactive radon gas is filtered through the construction materials that are in contact with the ground and can become a cause of the lung cancer.

The solutions of the problems can be expensive. We saw so many cases, when the illusion of the new purchase was broken in a very short time after that, while the claiming of the repairs for the defects took really long time, the buyers were exhausted “fighting with a seller” so long.

We always try to prevent our clients from a bad experience, like we protect the properties of our clients from any possible damages. The properties we manage are well inspected and normally we know those properties more than the owner.

Spend now to save later

Today 84% of homebuyers request a home inspection as part of their purchase contract in the USA.

However, a home inspector is a generalist, and sometimes they’ll say things like, “I’d recommend calling in a specialist to check out this sign of wood rot” or “Let’s get a structural engineer in here; I’m a little concerned about that foundation crack.”

In addition, there will be issues common to homes in your area (such as mold,  or pest problems) that you should check for before you buy and a general inspector won’t cover.

Considering nearly 1 in 5 buyers expressed regret about their home purchase because of unexpected maintenance or hidden costs, now’s not the time to hem and haw over a couple hundred bucks that an extra inspection will cost.

An inspection allows you to escape a contract if there are serious structural, mechanical, or safety defects discovered about the house. You also can negotiate with the seller about fixing serious deficiencies, or reduce your offer to cover you handling the repairs yourself.

The cost for property inspection in Kakdoma BCN is between 350-1200 eur, depending on the property’s location, size and the type of inspection.

How long does it take to inspect the property?

Your property purchase contract should include an inspection contingency that gives you a specific number of days to complete inspection. If real estate properties in the area are selling quickly, your window might be just a few days. If the local market is slow, you could get a week or longer.

You should also budget for additional examinations in case the inspector discovers problems or mentions issues that warrant further investigation, such as asbestos, mold, or un-permitted additions. Whether the seller will give you more time to complete additional inspections is subject to negotiation.

At Kakdoma BCN, we typically won’t estimate repair costs or the remaining useful life of appliances or other systems for you. If you’re concerned about particular items, you might need to book our additional service to get repair and replacement bids from local contractors and home improvement stores. Remember, that the general property inspection report is for you to give an idea of the property conditions in general and helps you to decide if the property in general worth the price asked by the seller.

Your home is one of the biggest, most valuable purchases you’ll ever make. Property inspection help ensure you’re making a good investment.