Adam M., United Kingdom

“Kakdoma have managed my property in Barcelona for over 5 years. They have been excellent throughout: professional, proactive and always available. They have made my life so much easier (I am based in the UK) and are great value for money. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Valentyna Ak., Kiev

“We choose you because you are doing a great job.”

Brian B., Dubai

“I want to thank you and the Kakdoma team for your help beyond the call of duty this past 12 months…which were quite difficult in a number of ways.
I always feel comforted knowing you are guys are in Barcelona looking after my apartment.
Merry Christmas and look forward to meeting you again in 2021.”

Mercedes F., Barcelona

“I want to thank Marina for her work. She has been excellent. Always ready to solve any problems that may have arisen, including on weekends, or late at night. She is a sensational professional. Congratulations to her and the whole company”

Adam D., Great Britain

“I’m so glad I chose Kakdoma to help me with my relocation to Barcelona. My dates and requirements changed a few times during the process and they handled it all effortlessly.
The responsiveness is excellent and they really do go all out to help you get everything done and all the loose ends taken care of quickly and professionally.
I couldn’t have done this as quickly or as easily without them.”

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Dale L., California

“The absolute BEST!! I don’t know what we would do without Kakdoma Barcelona.”
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Ari G., Canada

“Kakdoma Barcelona was super helpful and responsive. They performed a strange and unusual errand for me internationally and there was no doubt in my mind about their professionalism and reliability throughout the process. They updated me every step along the way and I really appreciated their service.”

Tyler S., Calgary, Canada

“I contacted Kakdoma Barcelona after trying several other services to help me with buying an item in Barcelona while I am here in Canada. while I did receive correspondence back from a few other options, I could tell right away that Marina with Kakdoma was the right choice. she was extremely friendly, and helpful and seemed very genuine in wanting to help me. I wasn’t making an easy request, and was not sure they would come through as I was looking for an item that is only 200 made in the entire world, but they came through!! communication and service 5 stars! thanks again!”

Ellen J., Sweden

“It’s very good to have the help from you guys, very happy about that.”

Linda H., Wilmington, USA

“I am so glad we had a great time at the Summit in Barcelona. We held the summit at the Hotel Alexandra. However the real woman behind absolutely everything is Marina Maksimova and her company. They helped us with absolutely every decision in terms of identifying various options for the tour, selecting the venue, etc… I strongly encourage you to reach out to her as she truly was remarkable.”

Brooke and Mark, USA

Wedding planning Barcelona

Andrea L., Hong Kong

“Thank you Marina and Marc for your wonderful service. Everything was perfectly arranged and our holiday was so much more enjoyable because of you. Hope to see you guys again soon!”

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Marcus E., Sweden

“Thank you Marina! Your help is and has been amazing. Thank you for making this year our best and most convenient year yet in Spain.”

Eugeny K., Barcelona

“We orderded an off-premise catering with barbecue for our little corporate party. Everything was perfect: fresh products, nice decoration and excellent cook. The meat and fish were above all praise!) We have been using the services of KDB for already 2 years, its is a high-quality service for reasonable prices!”

Tatiana S., Barcelona

“I would like to express my gratitude to the company “Kakdoma”, especially to Marina, for an excellent organization of our celebration!! Everything was held at top level: professional artists, decoration, music, catering! I did’t have to worry about anything, all the details were taken into account from beginning to end! Our guests and me got a great pleasure from the celebration! Working with such professionals is a big luck, I still have strong emotions and good feelings! All the ideas were completed 200%, thank you for everything!”

Liudmila T., Ukraine

“We contacted this company in order to find a school for our child. We only have a good impression of the job done by the company. During all the time, from the selection of the school until the admission Marina answered to all our questions, helped a lot in the organization of the meetings, phone negotiations, so that we got a great help in all the questions connected with the papers and documents. We are so grateful for your job, for your help! We recommend your company to everybody! Thanks a lot! Best regards, Liudmila”.

Tatiana P., Novosibirsk

“In January of 2015 we contacted “Kakdoma Barcelona”. Tha task consisted in enlist our child to a private Spanish school for the next academic year without visiting Spain. We chose the school ourselves. Marina did everything needed properly and correctly . We got all the necessary documents, organized an interview by Skype. And we succeeded! Thank you, “Kakdoma Barcelona”. In the future I am planning to contact “Kakdoma Barcelona” for the questions about the emigration to Spain”.

Elena I., Moscow

“We thank your company for the help.
Marina has helped us in the search of the school for our child. All our questions (and there were a lot), were solved very quickly. Marina explained everything in details. We could feel a very sincere treatment to the clients. We are glad to meet you!”

Diana D., Barcelona

“I contacted the agency “Kakdoma” for the celebration of my birthday. Inicially I really wanted to celebrate my 20th anniversary on the yacht but I was sure that it would be difficult to accomplish. Nevertheless, they said kindly in the meeting that there was nothing impossible for the company and that everything would be done in the best way. And this turned out to be absolutely true! The celebration went in a very cheerful and exceptional way. The guests are still remembering my birthday in the best way. We had a limousine and 2 yachts (we made an excursion on the sea on the board of one of them and the other was staying in the harbour waiting for the beginning of the celebration). The yacht was decorated very well and with a good taste, there was a lot of light chaser everywhere, karaoke,the process was lead by a chearful dj. Moreover, I wished to have dishes of rhe russian cuisine on my 20th anniversary. And this dish was fulfilled easily! I also got a surprise: I recceived a very beautiful cake with the photos of all my friends. It was really awesome!Thanks a lot to the agency “Kakdoma” for having organized this incredible party for me and my guests and for having accomplished my dream! I will stay in contact with you”.

Maria B., Saint Petersburg

“The company “Kakdoma Barcelona” reacts fast to all the requests, the team is friendly and responsible, I advise to rent the accomodation in Barcelona with their help. Kakdoma Barcelona really do everything so that the guests of this city feel like if they were at home, relieving them from the problems which are normal for any trip.”

Larisa I., Moscow

“Marina showed herself as a real professional. She is very polite and diplomatic, she treats perfectly her clients: she is patient and respondent, punctual and honest. With her services you really feel yourself in Barcelona KAKDOMA (like at home)”.

Elena E., Moscow

“I liked everything: Spain, the place which you advised me and the quality of the services given by my concierge-guide. I have already advised, I am advising and I will advise the services of your company to all my friends and familiars.”

Igor S., Moscow

“Everything went perfect, great organization of the personal tour, high speed of the reaction to the requests of the clients, a superb efficiency.”

Anna B., Barcelona

“Your company reacts fast to the requests of the clients and offers a large variety of services. It is so comfortable to work with you!”

Elena O., Moscow

“We were in Castelldefels from 1.09.2013 to 15.09.2013. It were our first holidays in spain. we wanted to combine the beach with the sightseeing. The team helped us a lot: with the organization of an individual sightseeing tour to Barcelona_ inmediately sent us the maps of Castelldefels, Barcelona, Sitges, the timetable of the buses, trains, explications about how to buy tickets for the transport, addresses of the shops we needed. It was very comfortable to go on holidays with your help, we didn´t get any organizational problems.”

Rimante S., Vilnius

“Džiaugiamės turėdami puikius partnerius Barselonoje, tai – Kakdoma BCN. Ne kartą ši kompanja mums padėjo organizuojant dalykinius susitikimus Barselonoje.  Esame dėkingi už profesionalumą, peratyvumą, aiškumą, kokybę, išklausymą, malonų bendravimą visai Jūsų komandai, o ypač Marinai Maksimovai-Vysockajai. Ieškantiems kokybės – rekomenduojame Kakdoma BCN!”

Soslan S., London

“The company Brit Education & Travel thanks our partners, the company “Kakdoma Barcelona” for the help with the reception of the group from Moscow in Barcelona. All the services were offered professionally and on time. We will surely work with you in the future.”

Alisa G., Barcelona

“Kakdoma is a safe and professional company with which we have been collaborating for already several years”.

Natalia V., Moscow

“We have been using the services of the concierge Kakdoma since 2013 and we are very satisfied because all our requests are done fast, efficiently and it is very comfortable when you can trust somebody who is able to control the situation while you are not in Spain”.