Kakdoma Barcelona maintains apartments and houses of international homeowners in Barcelona and nearby suburbs. Kakdoma Barcelona Property Management Service was founded to meet the demands and needs of today’s busy homeowner. Our mission is to provide you with the confidence in knowing that your property is receiving the personal attention it deserves. Your house should be the haven it was meant to be, a respite from the anxieties of everyday life. We will put your mind at ease knowing that you and your home are afforded the very best in property management services.

Reliable Property Management Services

Whether you own a large private estate, an seafront summer getaway, or a full-time Barcelona home; your real estate should be attended to by caring professionals. Kakdoma Barcelona offers a pragmatic, reliable and high quality ongoing Property Management Service. Confidence, Convenience, and Security is the foundation on which Kakdoma was created.

We provide Members with Property Management Services that provide peace of mind when it comes to the home. Kakdoma has gained strong relationships and contacts through years of work. We are capable of handling any situation concerning your home.

From the initial set-up after buying a home to a range of home management services. We are happy to help you with anything you need around the house and provide an array of experts to suit your specific needs.

With Kakdoma’s exclusive Home Check program, Experienced Home Care services, and Immediate Personal Assistance, everything you and your family need is readily available.

Rented Property Management

We are the necessary link between landlord and tenant relationship. Kakdoma Barcelona Property Management Service makes the landlord-tenant relationship smooth and beneficial for both parties. As a result of many years of the professional management of our international clients’ properties, we can affirm that managed tenancies tend to last longer and they also provide peace of mind and minimal stress for the landlord.