Changes in Electricity bills from June 2021

Changes in Electricity bills from June 2021

Electricity tariffs are undergoing certain changes in 2021, specifically the tariff part (access tariffs). As by, Endesa, these changes are intended to move towards more sustainable energy consumption.

The access tariffs are a part of your bill and are intended to pay what it costs to get the electricity to your home, as well as other costs related to the electrical system.

As at June 2021, a new regulation enters into force that changes the way they are calculated and implemented. The access tariffs are separated into two new concepts:

  • transport and distribution tariffs set by the CNMC, intended to cover the cost of the networks.
  • charges set by the Government to cover other costs of the electricity system included in your bill, including the remuneration of renewable energies and the cost of generating energy in non-mainland territories.

Why are the tariffs changing?

The main objective of the new changes in electricity tariffs are:

  • Encourage savings through more efficient use of electricity: 3 different time periods have been established for energy consumption at different prices throughout the day.
  • Facilitate night-time recharging of electric vehicles: 2 different time periods have been established for the contracted power.

New regulations developed by the Government and CNMC have changed them so that your savings and efficiency behaviours have a greater weight on what you end up paying in your bill.

If you want to know the full implications of this regulation, see our content on the new electricity tariffs.

Changes in electricity energy charges in 2021

The energy charge is the part of your bill that depends on how much electricity you use. Logically, it varies every month depending on your use.

One of the new features introduced by the new tolls is that their price varies depending on the time of day in which you consume electricity, that is, they incorporate time discrimination for all consumers.

The energy term for the tolls establishes 3 time bands, that are calledoff-peak (the cheapest hours), standard (intermediate price) and peak (most expensive hours). Winter/summer schedules have also been unified and a small time change has been introduced for the specific case of Ceuta and Melilla.

Changes in the charges for power contracted in 2021

Your contracted power sets the limit of your electrical installation. The number of appliances you have running at the same time depends on that limit.

The higher the power, the more appliances you can have running at the same time without the power switch tripping (popularly referred to as the “trip switch“).

Before this new regulation, your contracted power was the same and cost the same at all times of the year. Now two contracted powers have been established with two different time bands (peak and off-peak) and also two different prices (cheaper in off-peak hours). So you can now contract a higher and lower power or keep the same power in the two new time bands (peak and off-peak).

As at 1 June 2021, you will maintain the same power as you previously contracted by default. It will be the same in the two new periods (peak and off-peak), but you can change this power at any time:

  • In the following 12 months you will be able to contract different powers for these two time bands up to two times and at no additional cost, providing the new contracted power is the same as or less than the highest of the two contracted powers when the change is made, otherwise you will have to pay the cost of connection rights in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • The power contracted at peak times must always be equal to or greater than the power in off-peak times.

We give you 2 practical examples to take advantage of this new possibility:

  1. Be more efficient: if you are able to concentrate your use of appliances (washing machines, oven, air conditioning, etc.) at night and during weekends (off-peak hours, which are the cheapest), you will be able to choose a higher power in off-peak times and lower at peak times. This will result in you being able to save on your bill.
  2. Recharge your electric car: the new power times are ideal for those who recharge their electric vehicle at night or on weekends and public holidays.

New time slots

What do you have to do?

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