Utilities Set Up Service


Easy way to do the complicated

Utilities Set Up is one of the first things to do immediately after buying or renting a property (unless utilities are included in the rent).

At Kakdoma, we offer Home Management services and full assistance in setting up basic utilities in your home in Spain. Whether you are the new owner of the property or the tenant, the help from KD Personal Assistant will be extremely useful for you.


If you have purchased a home in Spain, the estate agent may arrange for the utilities set up or utilities to be transferred to your name. How correctly it will be done depends on the agent. Make sure all previous bills have been paid and that the contract is put into your name from the day you take over, otherwise you will be liable for debts left by the previous owner. The Kakdoma home managers will make sure there are no debts, the correct name writing and avoid contracting extra (not free) services without your authorisation.