Kakdoma Barcelona team wishes you Happy Winter Holidays!

Kakdoma Barcelona team wishes you Happy Winter Holidays!

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Dear clients, partners, friends,

Kakdoma Barcelona team wishes you very Happy Winter Holidays! We wish you to enjoy a very Merry Christmas with your family and paint the life of your dreams in 2019.

We are pleased to share with you some inspirational tips about the happiness we all want.

You can have happiness right now regardless of your finances or what’s going on in your life because happiness is a choice.

Choose Happiness as The Priority for the Day

  • The decision to be happy is actually the decision to stop being unhappy.
  • Most people seek happiness as a by-product of their achievements, actions and other things they do throughout the day. This makes their happiness dependent upon what happens during their day. I can make happiness a direct choice without any dependency.
  • My happiness does not require favorable events, interactions, or any particular stimulus. I can just choose happiness at any given moment, no matter what’s going on and for absolutely no other reason than to just be happy.
  • Suffering today in an effort to earn greater success and income for tomorrow so that I can relax and feel secure at some future date is insane. I can embrace the adventure that is my work. I do what I can each day without stress but with creativity and joy, and trust the results will be meaningful.
  • I can pursue all my goals from a happy place today. My internal state of being doesn’t depend on external events that I believe will make me happy at some unknown future.
  • There’s no reason to limit happiness to the dessert in life. It can be the whole meal.
  • Happiness is an option and misery is an option. They are both choices you can apply to the same day’s events. Which option do you choose?

Let Go Of Judgments

  • The secret to happiness lies not in the events, but in our response to them.
  • Adopt an accepting attitude to all things and events in life.
  • Try to go the whole day without blaming, shaming or complaining. No negative thoughts.
  • See everyone as being on their own heroic journey through the trials and tribulations of life. We are all doing the best we can with what we know. If others do you wrong, then have compassion for the pain that motivated them to do wrong.
  • Develop a trust that everything in life is somehow for the best and accept that you will never know why or how.
  • Remember this great quote from Byron Katie: “There are three kinds of business in the world: your business, other people’s business, and God’s business.” I think of it this way: unhappiness always occurs when I stray from my business. I have no right being in God’s business because I don’t know the big picture. Anytime I’m in other people’s business, I’m in judgment which makes me unhappy. My business is where my happiness is. Everything else creates unhappiness.
  • We cannot choose the events around us, but we can choose our reaction to them.

Be Present

  • Unhappiness does not exist in the present moment. It only exists as a regret about the past or worry toward the future.

Be Grateful

  • My life is filled with endless wonders every hour of every day. The only time I am unhappy is when I take these things for granted.
  • Gratitude isn’t just about enjoying and appreciating. It’s a bigger idea about living in the blessing and wonder of an experience.
  • Train yourself to become sensitive and appreciative for all the miracles that occur for daily life to simply go on.
  • Notice how much time today is spent on thoughts of gratitude as opposed to thoughts about problems.
  • Happiness doesn’t mean you have more to be grateful for. It means you spend more time being grateful for what you already have.
  • Say or do something to make your gratitude visible and real.
  • Begin and end each day in active gratitude. As you lay down to sleep think of five things from the day to be grateful for. Before you get out of bed in the morning think of five things to be grateful for.
  • Gratitude is simply a choice to become aware of the good things that are already true in any given situation and become consciously thankful for them.

Create Strong Social Connection

  • The risk we associate with authenticity is illusory. The more we nurture our true selves, remove our masks, and allow uncensored expression, the more our relationships and surroundings will support our true selves.
  • Personal authenticity creates inner-outer harmony and greater connection with others.
  • Simplify your life and greet every person and situation with one face.
  • Quality relationships nurture. Quantity distracts.

Live With Contribution

  • Find at least one way each day to make another person happy. It could be as simple as a kind word, a personal acknowledgement, giving anonymously, or allowing someone in a rush to get ahead.
  • Serve a purpose greater than yourself.
  • By giving happiness, you experience happiness.

Let’s enjoy every day of the year, every opportunity, every weather together! Be Happy in 2019!

Source: The Secret of Happiness

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