How can we “save” your life in Barcelona?

How can we “save” your life in Barcelona?

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Your personal assistant for emergencies in Barcelona

The personal assistant for emergencies service is one of the most demanded when the person gets in trouble.

Sometimes you even can’t imagine how things can turn and ruin your perfectly planned holiday unexpectadly. Even if you are very careful with your personal belongings, it is easy to get distructed on holiday and forget them somewhere or get robbed by somebody. Unfortunately, it happens very often in Barcelona, there are so many cases, no one can’t even count. Every day you can see the longest queue at the central police station in Barcelona: people are waiting to report thefts long time hoping to get their belongings back. It gets even more difficult if you don’t speak Spanish. Then you need a personal assistant to help you in emergency.

There were very complicated situations when our personal assistants significally helped our clients and as they said “thank you, you saved my life!”. We could do it, because we really care about people and we try so hard to get them out of the trouble. We describe several emergency cases of many others we could solve:

Problems solving experience

  • The case of Valentina, Russia:Personal assistant for emergencies

Valentina was robbed on the road while she was driving her car with her family and child inside. Her car’s tyre was damaged, she stopped for one moment, when her bag was stolen from the car. There were the key from the car, money, passport inside. She couldn’t start the car again, she didn’t have the copy of the key, we called the tow and the car was delivered to the parking until the key arrived. We arranged the acompaniment in Russian to the police, then we talked to a consulate regarding the passport, with the car insurance company, we arranged the wheel replacement and help with other requests from Valentina… Although, we had all the necessary contacts, knowledge and full dedication to all problems solving, it took a long week to get all things done. Valentina had a bad experience in Barcelona, but she had all her problems solved and she is happy again.

  • The case of Francesco, Italy:

Somehow Francesco left his passport and identity card at the plane and flew to another place. We tried to call the airlines, but nobody could help us. One of the personal assistants at Kakdoma Barcelona went to Barcelona airport and tried to find the documents talking to the airline companies’ and the airport staff. Nobody found them…It was a nightmare, seemed like the mission was impossible, but our personal assistants get used to “go an extra mile” for our clients, so the personal assitant kept looking and calling all the numbers he could find at the airport. And he found the documents! After that we had another challenge: to find a company that would be able to deliver the documents to the place where Francesco was in less than 24 hours for a reasonable price. After calling to all the biggest and the smallest delivery companies, the personal assistant found the best solution and everything went perfect! Francesco said that we “saved his life”: he avoided to have troubles with the flight back home and talking to the consulate and other people.

  • The case of Lauren, USA:

Lauren lost her laptop, ipad and iphone at the Barcelona airport and the “lost and found” department couldn’t send it to her. She had to come face-to-face to pick up her belongins. Fortunately, she found us and the personal assistant could represent her and arrange a smooth delivery of her stuff to USA. Although it wasn’t easy at all. But our personal assistants are not affraid of difficulties and we know that in order to achieve the goal, we need a lot of courage and patience.

  • The case of Maksym, Ukraine:Concierge service for emergencies

He got robbed and his favourite watch, a valuable gift from his wife for 50 000 eur, was stolen. The personal assistant from Kakdoma took him to a hospital (his hand was cut a little bit by the thief), then to the police and after Maksym left, his personal assistant-representative in Barcelona was receiving the news from the police and arranging the meetings.

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Practical advice from local people

Dear, reader, we wish you never to get in troubles (these tips for prevention can be helpful), but if you do, don’t forget that you can always call personal assistant for emergencies in and we will try from heart to help you.

FYI: Here are all useful phone numbers for emergencies in Barcelona.