Michelin restaurants: new concepts, new stars 2019

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New Michelin restaurants

Kakdoma Barcelona is happy to share with you the latest news of the World of High Gastronomy.

This year in Lisbon, Portugal at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion, Michelin announced the selection for the Michelin Guide Spain & Portugal 2019, with 30 new starred restaurants between the two countries.

Big news this year: Dani García’s eponymous restaurant was elevated from two to three stars in the 2019 selection.

In recognition of the stellar gastronomic scene, Michelin hosted the announcement in the country of Portugal for the first time; gala attendees tasted dishes from seven-starred restaurants in the area—Belcanto, Fortaleza do Guincho, Alma, Eleven, Feitoria, Loco and Lab by Sergi Arola.

Four Catalan restaurants received Michelin stars for the first time: Cocina Hermanos Torres, Terra, Oria and La Barra de Carles Abellán, and three continue with the 3 stars they had: LasarteCeller de Can Roca and Àbac.

Here are the newly-starred restaurants in Spain and Portugal:


Dani García


Cocina Hermanos Torres
El Molino de Urdániz
Ricard Camarena Restaurant

A Cozinha de Guimaraes
A Tafona
Clos Madrid
Corral de la Moreira Gastronómico
El Invernadero
El Molino de Alcuneza
El Xato
eMe Be Garrote
Eneko Bilbao
Etxanobe Ateliar
G Pousada de Bragança
La Barra de Carles Abellán
La Tasquería
LÚ Cocina y Alma

“The kitchen with restaurant”

With two stars, the guide distinguishes the restaurant Cocina Hermanos Torres, from Barcelona.

Two Catalan chefs opened the restaurant of their dream in Barcelona. As they say, it is not a typical restaurant with kitchen, it is a kitchen with restaurant. It is the new bet of the well-known twins in the district of Les Corts, after the closure of the “Dos Cielos” restaurant in Barcelona.

The cooks Sergio and Javier Torres have defined their project as “titanic”,”a dream”. In the words of Sergio Torres, they have been rewarded with the effort behind the economic, and the personal, in a project that has been maturing for ten years. Javier Torres says that “we finally have our personal project”, which he considers “risky and powerful” while admitting that the process has been exciting and fixes the challenge of “improving so that the third” star arrives.

Michelin restaurants in Barcelona

There are 22 restaurants with Michelin stars in Barcelona, you can explore them using this map:

Here are all Michelin restaurants in Catalonia:

Gourmet experience in Barcelona

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