Ongoing Property Management in Barcelona

Ongoing Property Management in Barcelona

When you decide to buy property in Barcelona – contact Kakdoma BCN, we are your one-stop solution.

If you already have property in Barcelona, we are happy to provide you our ongoing property management services:

  • we can offer you an extra help in managing day-to-day household activities,
  • we can care about your property and have it always ready for your visit,
  • we can rent it to good tenants and be the main contact for your tenants
  • or we can help you to sell it if you wish so.

Trusted Property Management Services

No matter who you are or where you are coming from, all we need from you is trust, because this is the most important in order to create a good relationship.

We work for the clients we have never even met face-to-face and with many of them our relationship is lasting for 5-7 years from the day those property owners trusted us their property. We have clients who live very far from Barcelona and they always sleep well, because they know that if something happens to their property in Barcelona, we will solve it immediately. Their trust in us and the Power of Attorney (POA) given to the personal manager in Kakdoma Barcelona lets us act on their behalf without bothering them. They are always informed about the situation, because we send them a detailed monthly report.

Before buying property

If you decided to buy a property in Spain for whatever purpose, we have a Personal Real Estate Shopper service to attend you adapting to your specific needs.

For families

Before buying a home for your family consider if the floor plan fit to your family, because the house should be practical for every member of your family. The natural light is always very important, but avoid too sunny orientation, because the Sun is very burning in Barcelona. You should make a point of visiting your prospective future residence during commuting hours (to see if the roads are dangerously busy) and at night (are nearby businesses noisy, or is the main drag a ghost town?). Check the availability and cost of nearby early-learning programs as well as the quality of the zoned public school. But don’t stop there. Find out whether your kids would have access to a school bus and how long the ride takes.

We have a many years experience of finding the most suitable house options so we can make this process simple and easy for you. We can make your relocation process smooth and easy,

For investors

Although there are numerous examples of people who have earned themselves a fortune with real estate investment, real estate, like every other business, has many risks associated with it. Moreover, regardless of the type of property you are purchasing or whether you plan to rent or resell it afterward, investing in real estate requires a good amount of cash — which makes it critical to take extra measures to ensure profit on your investment or at least save yourself from a huge loss.

Trust KD Personal Assistants to help you finding the best property options for investment, negotiate the price and save you time.

Well functioning Real Estate Property

We listen to your specific needs and then set-up an individually tailored monthly pack to serve them. We assure that you will pay the right price for the highest quality service.

Day-to-day household management

We provide long-term support to busy executive households who are ready to outsource, allowing clients more time and headspace to focus on their family, career, and the things they truly love.

Working households often require extra help in managing day-to-day household activities. We take care of the daily details so that busy individuals, couples & empty nesters can focus on the larger picture of family, career and health.

Imagine your home running smoothly and efficiently in a matter of weeks; let us get you organized and take care of your to-do lists. Most clients feel instant relief the day they hire us.

Vacation Home management

We inspect your property, we visit it every month, we arrange a maintaining cleaning and all the necessary repairs. Our service also includes recurring tasks like errands, filing mail, setting up auto-pay for bills or working with contractors and caterers. Whenever you decide to come to your home in Barcelona, you will always find it clean and well-functioning.

Rent your property

If you have lots of properties or you don’t live near your rental property, you need the Property manager. We work with reliable experienced real estate agents who will attend our requests much better than if you go there directly. We take a part of workload from the real estate agents, making it easier for them and we filter all the information making it easier for you. We will be with you in the beginning, during and in the end of the renting period, while the typical real estate agency’s work and responsibility finishes right after (or almost right after) the rental contract is signed. No security deposit disputes, nor any other problems will be solved by the real estate company. While Kakdoma Barcelona Personal Assistants are always on your side ready to help anytime.

KD Personal Assistants provide ongoing property management for busy professionals in Barcelona. We build long-term service-oriented professional relationships based on trust, respect and listening.

So wait no more and call us +34 644 235 607 or email to make your life easier!

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