Smooth relocation to Barcelona

Smooth relocation to Barcelona

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You have decided to relocate to Barcelona from another country. Finally, it’s time to pack the luggages and go to the airport. Do you feel stressed? Are you afraid of everything new and of having to solve a plenty of problems? Not at all! Not in your case. The team of Kakdoma Barcelona has already arranged everything for your smooth relocation to Barcelona.

You have your passport with visa in hand. All the documents are ok. The insurance covers all the necessary medical expenses. All the things are packed and what you can not take aboard, for example, such a precious thing like the piano, has already passed the customs office and is waiting for you safely in Barcelona. The dog is going with you, all the documents are all right, that is why, you are not afraid of anything unexpected.

You are stepping the territory of Barcelona. You are absolutely calm because the personal assistant from Kakdoma Barcelona is meeting you and your family at the airport and takes you to your new home. It is beautiful. Everything is set up inside. The utility systems are connected. The Internet and the phone work. The child is looking forward to going to the new school and meeting the guys. He has been accepted to one of the best international private schools of Barcelona and an experienced private tutor of Spanish will come next week.

You have been totally informed about life in Barcelona, you know where to buy food, what are the laws, where to go for entertainment… Your personal assistant has already explained everything and has given you practical advice.

Relocation to Barcelona without any problems

It is not a dream, it is real relocation to Barcelona organized by personal assistant from Kakdoma Barcelona. You will feel securely and confidently with us. We carry you through all the stages of relocation to Barcelona, selecting the most appropriate for you lawyer, house, school, language school, car, etc. As a result, you will feel like at home in Barcelona, perfectly settled in a new place, enjoying your life and having a reliable personal assistant from Kakdoma Barcelona to solve any troubles.

We are concierges and personal assistants, not a traditional relocation company. Therefore, we say YES to all your requests, even if they are extraordinary and extremely difficult. Kakdoma Barcelona helps your family and you during all the relocation to Barcelona process and smoothens the cultural adaptation.

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