Summer camp in Barcelona

Summer camp in Barcelona

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Careless holidays for parents

In the summer parents want to have a rest from their children and vice versa. They would like to stay at a luxury villa by the sea meanwhile the children spend their summer holidays with fun and profitably in a good summer camp. If you are going to spend your holidays in Barcelona, Spain, you will definitely ask yourself: “What should the children do and which summer camp would fit them perfectly? Will they feel confidently there? Where can they improve their knowledge of the foreign language? Where can they play tennis or football?”. Fortunately, the personal assistant from Kakdoma Barcelona can answer all these questions. He is specialized at the analysis of the needs of every family and can select the most appropriate and useful summer camp in Barcelona.

Exciting summer for children

Languages, classes of football, tennis, science and art… These are only some activities that the summer camps of Barcelona offer to the campers. Moreover, we can fully organize your holidays in Barcelona: from selection of a luxury villa to arrangement of a comfortable transfer and other services.

International language camp

Summer camps from the prestigious international schools are a good option for those who value high quality education and want to improve their level of the foreign language and to be in the international atmosphere. Apart from the language classes, the children will have such classes as art, dance, swimming, music and theatre. The campers will practice the structure of the language, its lexic and pronunciation through the mix of stories, songs, videos and linguistic games and at the same time enjoy the summer and the sun, spend a lot of time in the street. Furthermore, it is a perfect option for those who are getting prepared to entering the international school of Barcelona because during the summer camp the children get to know the pupils and the teachers from this school. It helps them to adapt easier and faster after the entry.

There are other international summer camps. Their objective is to make the child spend a very good time and have a lot of fun. After registering your child you can be sure that he will meet a lot of interesting guys their and have friends from all over the world, learning and practicing languages actively at the same time. The approximate proportion of campers: 60% are Spanish, 40% are other nationalities. That is why it is a perfect opportunity to feel the language and the culture and practice the favorite kind of sport.

Sports summer camp

High quality football classes are guaranted in the summer camp of the football club FC Barcelona. It is very popular, so hurry up and apply! Apart from the football, there are swimming, different outside events, games and other types of entertainment. You should also think about other summer camps that give the young sportsmen a fantastic opportunity to talk to the former team players and adopt the best practices. There are summer camps where children can play golf, tennis and practice other kinds of sport.

Thematic summer camp

Those who are keen on the science and art should consider the programme where they will be offered to create diferent thematic projects and complete the tasks like “Astronomy – science fiction: create your own airship”, etc. The parents can sometimes visit the camp, so that the children show them their achievement.

Little amateurs of music will love the thematic summer camp where the campers will attend classes of radio, master classes of Djs and learn the secrets of electronic music. All this – by the hand of real professionals in this sphere. Besides, there will be excursions, swimming pool, theatre, English classes… The children will also visit the fabric Danone where they can learn to prepare real yoghurts, perform in a spectacle in English and dance with the songs of Disney. Isn’t this camp a fairy tale?

Take into account that the summer camps can be completed fast. We recommend to apply as soon as possible!  In Barcelona there are summer camps that suit any taste. And you, have you already chosen the perfect summer camp for your child?

We are ready to consult you and organize your exclusive holidays in Barcelona.

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