Advantages for the property owners in Barcelona

Advantages for the property owners in Barcelona

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Property owners should know, that despite of the fact that there are thousands of real estate agencies in Barcelona, no one can do for you what Kakdoma BCN can.

Normally, the responsibilities of agents are limited until you sign a property purchase or rental contract, but after that property owners will have many things to do by themselves and they are not as simple as they seem.

Personal assistants from Kakdoma Barcelona are here to help you to solve anything you may need after the property acquisition, from the bills and taxes payments to the cleaning and mail management. See more about the services for the property owners .

People buy luxury properties as a second home where to spend their holiday or as an investment in Barcelona. The moment when you may need us the most is when you leave Spain, leaving your property here.

We represent the luxury property owners in Barcelona from 2012, we can care about your home while you’re away too.

Services for property owners Barcelona

No waste of time and no worries for the busy people!

If you’re active and busy property owner in Barcelona, you will really appreciate the useful time-saving services we provide for people like you. Sometimes insignificant little detail like not to read a mail or not to pay a fine on time can become a huge and expensive problem and the bigger is the problem, more time and money will be needed for solving it. Here are some examples:

  • Alex is very busy person, his wife also is very successful businesswoman. They travel a lot and all they want is to relax when they come to their beautiful house close to the sea in the Costa Maresme. They are not even thinking about the bills, the garden or other house problems, because they have a VIP membership for property owners for full home management and the personal assistant from Kakdoma Barcelona takes care about absolutely everything, related to their house. We are very proud, that our service can be so significant in other people lives.
  • Tatiana has a flat close to Barcelona where she and her family come to spend a holiday. Everytime she/her friends come to the flat, it is clean and ready for the comfortable stay. Tatiana can enjoy her second home without any head-ache, because she knows that if there are any problems, they will be solved immediately by Kakdoma Barcelona.
  • Ivan is the owner of several luxury properties in Barcelona, he wanted us to care about his luxury flat and the VIP tenants living in it. We represent Ivan from 2014, he had never had to tell us what to do, because he trusts our know-how and, of course, he doesn’t want to be bothered by anybody, he wants to dedicate his life to what he really likes.
  • Richard and Lucy needed a representant for renting his apartment close to the beach. They found us, they said they liked our actitud and prices, so we work for them, managing their apartment, utility bills and tenants and they enjoys getting benefits without doing nothing.
  • Olga has two flats in Barcelona and one day in one of them happened an accident: water came out from WC and flooded the whole flat… She couldn’t understand properly the neighbour’s call and she was far from her property, so she called us and we reacted immediately, we could understand and fix the problem before the situation went worse. We talked to the insurance companies, received several technicians at the flat and from that time we’re Olga’s trusted assistants and managers of both her properties.
  • Kate is the property owner in Barcelona, but normally lives outside the EU and she didn’t know about the land tax and could’t check her mail box on time and had no idea about the Tax Payer Calendar, so the result of this – a big fine from The Municipal Tax Office. We helped her with fine and taxes payments and as we manage her mail now, she will always be informed about the important letters even if she is not in Spain.

Dear property owners, we are here to help you to protect your property and avoid unnecessary problems and stress. We invite you to see references about our services and try us in practice as soon as possible, because your time and life quality matter the most!

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