Barcelona for kids and families

Barcelona for kids and families

Barcelona is one of the most child-friendly cities in Europe, given its numerous parks, play-areas, beaches and activities. As the specialists in the family relocation, we have listed some activities and places we think you should know before coming to Barcelona with kids or living here.

Barcelona for Kids: Activities

Learn and Play

Look no further for Barcelona’s best walking tours and places for your kids to learn and play:

DYI Family

Barcelona is the city of Picasso, Gaudí and Miró. Catalan Modernismedazzles in every corner of town and famous works fill a myriad of museums, while in the maze-like alleyways of the Ciutat Vella, vibrant and playful street art from El Pez, El Xupet Negre, Konair, BL2A and more brighten otherwise grey storefronts. There’s no better place than this to get artistic inspiration. Why not brush up on your creative skills as a family? These workshops in Barcelona let kids be kids and encourage you to reconnect with your imagination at the same time. Check the Workshops in Barcelona where you can get crafty together: Arts and Crafts, Carpentry, Shoemaking…

Attractions for Children

Barcelona for children

Barcelona has a lot to offer for kids and adults. No doubt that you’ll have fun in the most popular places for families:

Child-Friendly Museums

Barcelona is a very cultural city which offers many activities for you and your children to get the chance to learn while having fun! Barcelona has so many cool museums to go to and have a great time. We recommend you to go with children to:

  • the interactive CosmoCaixa;
  • Science museum mis always good idea to learn and have fun;
  • Museu Marìtim with its old ships and cool audiovisual displays;
  • the deliciously hands-on shrine to all things chocolatey Museu de la Xocolata;
  • the enjoyably wax figures of the Museu de Cera (waxworks);
  • CaixaForum, a contemporary arts space, makes life easy for parents by accompanying its exhibitions with children’s workshops.
  • Don’t forget to visit the oldest magic shop in the World El Rey de la Màgia founded in 1881.

Find more about the city’s best family-friendly venues.

Parks Life

Barcelona’s parks and squares have more than four hundred and fifty play areas so that children can enjoy playing outdoors. Use them as places to meet, relax and have fun.

Enjoy the cultural activities and exhibitions, views to Barcelona in Castell Montjuïc, the Jardins de Joan Brossa with their giant musical instruments. The sheer weirdness of Gaudí’s Park Güell will have older children intrigued, as will the nearby 4D cinema at the Gaudí Experiència, while younger kids usually like the dragon. At Parc d’Espanya Industrial. Parc de la Ciutadella has everything one could ask for from a city park – a boating lake, playgrounds, acres of grassland, the Zoo…

One of our favourite thematic parks in Barcelona is Catalunya Miniatura: enjoy the exposition of the most important monuments of Catalonia, try the family adventure through the trees in the forest aerial circuits

More about Barcelona parks for families and kids.  Get to know the best spots in Barcelona for families and fresh air to meet.

Child-Friendly: Restaurants

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Opening hours: few restaurants open before 1pm for lunch, and you may find staff still setting up and surprised to see you nearer 1.30pm. It’s a similar story in the evening, with most restaurants not opening until 8.00pm or even 9.00pm.
  • You can get around this by going to one of the many bars that do tapas. These places are usually serving by 11am and continue throughout the afternoon. You’ll find many have a decent selection of hot and cold dishes that you can adapt around kids needs and still have a satisfying bite yourself. Croquetas or a bikini (ham and cheese toasted sandwich) are my go to kid-friendly menu items, but you will usually find something that will do the job.
  • Sometimes kids’ menus don’t come as standard (local kids are expected to eat what everyone else eats). Don’t be afraid to ask if they could suggest something suitable for fussy eaters – often there are simple options that are not listed on the menu, like some pasta with plain tomato sauce.
  • Highchairs are often available, baby changing facilities are unfortunately in short supply.
  • Children are genuinely welcomed in Barcelona. Pushchairs are accommodated, mess is cleaned up and less-than-perfect behaviour is generally shrugged off.

So where to go?

Child-friendly places to eat in Barcelona Restaurants, cafés and fun places to feed the kids in Barcelona.

Barcelona for Kids: Living in Barcelona

child friendly

Have you decided to move to Barcelona with children? The question of selection of the right school comes first. Even the location of your new home will depend on the school’s location. See how to choose the best school in Barcelona for kids.

Every day, Barcelona offers you all types of activities for children of all ages. Look up all the available children’s activities and you’ll discover a wide variety of options.

Barcelona offers programmes such as “Growing with you”, which is aimed at parents with children under the age of 3. You also have resources for using technologies in education.

Free time is the ideal time for children to learn and play. Young children can be introduced to music at the escoles bressol (kindergartens), spend time at family centres, or enjoy cultural activities at Barcelona’s libraries, civic centres and new media learning centres. Enjoy the resources that the city provides so that your children can make the most of their free time.

Barcelona offers year-round sports activities and runs awareness campaigns on the benefits of doing sport. Discover all the children’s sports activities available at school, and at the sports facilities and summer casals (centres) around the city.

Use our local advice on how to move to Barcelona smoothly and where to spend a quality time with your children in Barcelona.

Relocation to Barcelona is simple with us!

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