Concierge Services for New Homeowners

Concierge Services for New Homeowners

Your dream to buy a property in Barcelona came true. You want to start to enjoy it from the first day, but you realize the amount of work that goes into moving, unpacking, and getting to the point when you can kick your feet back and relax. What if you could get to that final stage of the process stress-free? Concierge services for new homeowners in Barcelona is the solution.

Relax while moving in

New Homeowners should know, that despite of the fact that there are thousands of real estate agencies in Barcelona, no one can do for you what Kakdoma BCN can. Normally, the responsibilities of agents are limited until you sign a property purchase or rental contract, but after that property owners will have many things to do by themselves and they are not as simple as they seem. Personal assistants from Kakdoma Barcelona are here to help you to solve anything you may need after the property acquisition, from the arrangement of the payments of bills and taxes to the cleaning and mail management. See more about the services for the New Homeowners.

Create time in your day to enjoy your new home when hiring a personal concierge to complete your to-do lists.

How can we help new homeowners

 Here are ways personal concierges can help new homeowners:

  • Hire service providers (i.e. plumber, electrician, handyman, pest control).
  • Wait to meet service providers like the cable guy and contactors.
  • Plan meals for when you are still unpacking the kitchen.
  • Stock your pantry with your favorite foods when you are ready to move-in.
  • Plan and organize a housewarming party.
  • Find the best dry cleaning service in the area.
  • Help hire reputable dog walkers and baby sitters.

You will no longer have to watch your to-do list grow, and gain more hours in the day to enjoy your new home. Learn more about Home management solutions.

Now that you have purchased a new home, it’s time to celebrate! Start off this new chapter by investing in yourself and your happiness by hiring a personal concierge to get rid of all the burdens. Our gift of time vouchers also make a great housewarming gift!

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