Summer Schools in Barcelona 2019

Summer Schools in Barcelona 2019

Kakdoma BCN can arrange a careless holiday for parents, as well as exciting summer for children in Barcelona!

KD Personal Assistant can help you to select the most appropriate Summer School in Barcelona for your children. Look at the most popular Summer Schools, Camps, related with language improvement, sport, technology, art and fun in general.

We can help you to enrol your children to the following Summer schools in Barcelona:

English Summer Schools

  • We are presenting the 32nd edition of Oak House Summer School, the best English Summer camp for children from 3 to 14 years old. Year after year, we try to improve our Summer School with the comments and suggestions given by the parents at the end of every edition. In this edition, we go on with the same illusion, work and effort to make your kids have a great time while they learn English and take part in a wide range of activities.
  • To be continued…

Book our School selection service in order to enrol your children to the most appropriate Summer school in Barcelona, avoiding any mistakes and misunderstandings. Don’t waste your time on searching what could be the best in your case. We provide an experienced and professional advice for anything in Barcelona. It’s fantastic when somebody can take all the hassles from you and you can just enjoy your Holiday in Barcelona!

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