The Kakdoma Barcelona team speaks 6 languages. We can find a professional translator or interpreter almost from any language to any language.

Our interpreters can make high-quality translations of the next types:

  • Written translations of any type of the text and of any theme (economic, legal, medical translation, etc.)
  • Translation and explanation of the bank statements and other documents
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Interpretation by phone
  • Simultaneous interpretation on the conference or congress
  • Certified translation
  • Other similar services

Translations online or by phone

The service is offered with the aim of achievieng the successful communication in the next situations:

  • You are in a difficult, conflictive, extreme situation
  • You are stopped by the police
  • While reserving a vehicle
  • In the airport, restaurant, etc.
  • In other similar situations when you urgently need translation online/by phone

Personal translator and interpreter

There are situations when you can’t be without a person who knows very well the Spanish culture and speaks your language. We are ready to meet this demand by providing a reliable personal interpreter.

Our interpreter will go with you to the necessary places, establishments, shops and will stay the time you need. For example:

  • Business meetings, negociations and official events
  • Airport
  • Expositions
  • Shopping
  • At the interview
  • Health centre, beauty salon and barbershop
  • Any other places and situations

Contact us to get more information.


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