Learning Spanish or Catalan: language courses, private classes

Do you like Spanish language? Are you living or would you like to move to Spain? Any language is learnt faster in the country where it is spoken. You will not only learn Spanish and Catalan in Barcelona, but you will also enjoy your stay in this Mediterranean region. If you don’t know what to start with, which language courses to choose and all the process including the visa seems long and difficult, contact us.

We will select the appropriate Spanish/Catalan course you are looking for, as the most important language schools in Barcelona are our partners and we possess all the information about the admissions and study process in each school.

Personal assistants from Kakdoma Barcelona will find the best language courses for you and help to register for the class.

Depending on the place of your residence, it is possible that first of all you need to get the visa. If your purpose are studies, you can get 2 types of visa:

  • Short-term study visa given for 90 days (Schengen, category C)
  • Long-term study visa fiven for 1 year

You can get more information in the Spanish embassy in your country.

We can offer you our services of organization and help you to:

  • get all the necessary documents in order to get the spanish visa
  • enrol to language summer courses
  • enrol to Spanish language course with with homestay programme
  • arrange private language lessons with professional teachers
  • select a language exchange activity in order to improve your language
  • solve all the problems connected with accomodation, documentation, translations, etc.



University of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona)

High-quality education and a variety of internship programmes

  • Established in 1450, the University of Barcelona is considered to be among the first in Catalonia, with a great number of students and a variety of offer in the education sector. Apart from the professional education programmes, students are also offered language courses (Catalan, Spanish, etc.)
  • Annual course: 220 h, 9 h/week
  • Four-months courses: 110 h
  • Intensive language courses (summer, autumn or winter): 40 h.
  • You can enrol any time of the year.
  • You can combine the language course with a course of Spanish culture with duration of about 1,5h a week.



School of Spanish «Don Quijote»

50% students come to school on the recommendation of its former students

  • The school was established in 1986. You can find its branches all over Spain: in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Salamanca, Valencia, Granada, Sevilla and Tenerife.
  • Intensive language courses, summer courses and preparatory courses for DELE tests, Spanish for professionals, etc.
  • Certified tutors in small groups (up to eight people).
  • A library, multi-media rooms, a study hall provided with computers, CD players and Internet, a students’ common room with TV, a wide terrace with beautiful views over Barcelona. The rooms are provided with audiovisual equipment (TVs, video, record players) and air-conditioning system.
  • Long-term courses

Escuela oficial de idiomas2

Official school of languages/EOI

Here you can learn up to 15 languages

  • The official school of languages is the largest school of foreign languages for adults in Barcelona.
  • Highly qualified teachers will help you reach the most important objective which consists in developing the student’s ability to use the foregin language as a communication tool.
  • In general, the school offers up to 15 languages, including Spanish and Catalan. Such a variety of languages makes this school a privileged place for dialogue,  evaluation and further development of a cultural variety. You can find more information on the school’s website.
  • The official courses usually start in September.
  • The enrolment period is until August.



курсы испанского Барселона

School of languages Enforex

• 24 centres in Spain and Latin America
• Centres certified by Instituto Cervantes
• Educational programmes for people of any level an age
• Language programmes in international summer camps in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Marbella, Sevilla, Salamanca and Valencia

курсы испанского Барселона

School of languages Mediterraneo

• Preparation for DELE
• Courses with accomodation
• Courses online
• Conversation courses

испанский язык БарселонаSchool of Spanish language and culture

Speak Easy

• Preparation for DELE
• Courses with accomodation
• Conversation courses
• Courses of different intensity
• Preparation for entering University

курсы испанского Барселона

School of languages BCN LIP

• Courses with accomodation
• Help with the documents
• Preparation for DELE and CCSE
• Excursions and events
• Summer courses
• Courses for people of any age and level

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Private tutor at home

преподаватель Барселона

If you prefer to study at home, we will find you a professional tutor of Spanish, Catalan, other languages or subjects who will give you lessons in the comfortable for you place. We understand and respect the needs of our clients, that is why we take them into account while selecting the private tutor. Please, write us on kakdoma@kakdomabcn.com:

  • Which subject or which language would you like to learn?
  • Where are you living?
  • Which days would you like to study?
  • How many hours per week do you need?
  • What are your preferences about the teacher
Book service

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