Corporate concierge is necessary for the happier work environment

Outsource non-essential tasks or make it easier for your team to be productive at your business. Our corporate concierge can help you. 

Whether you are part of a small business that can use an extra pair of hands for special events or to run a few errands, or a larger corporation looking to provide an additional perk for its employees, corporate concierge services can provide value to your bottom line. Whether outsourcing non-essential tasks or making it easier for your team to be productive by allowing them to have personal errands run for them, your workplace will run more smoothly and efficiently.

No one likes a stressful workplace. When employees are caught between doing their work and thinking about those personal things they also need to get done, the stress can accumulate. So simply keeping a bank of concierge hours for employees to use when necessary can create a work environment that is conducive to efficiency and focus.

Kakdoma Barcelona can do everything from picking up and delivering the birthday cake for the school party to taking a mom for her check-up with her doctor. Employee teams make a business run, so why not make it run without unnecessary hiccups?

Focus on what matters

Is it cost-effective for an executive assistant to fill goodie bags for an event? Or for an ad exec to blow up balloons? Let your team members focus on what they do best, and bring in Kakdoma Barcelona’s extra hands to do all those little things that distract from the real work at hand. Don’t get caught up in the myth that your business is saving money by having someone perform a job that is a waste of their talent and time.

It’s always smart to realize when your team needs to focuse on the real work and when Kakdoma Barcelona can help.
Kakdoma Barcelona runs on your schedule, provides the corporate concierge service you need for the time you need them, in order to make your business run smoothly. Schedules may seem like pure chaos, but Kakdoma Barcelona can calm the chaotic waters that seem to be part of everyone’s lives these days.

More free time is the best motivation

Corporate concierge Barcelona

Successful companies seek to praise and encourage the efforts of their high-profile workers. The long-established strategies to retain the best employees and increase their motivation include the provision of a corporate mobile phone or a car, as well as private insurance coverage and other similar services. However, in the modern world, where time-management strategies are a must at every big or small business, time resources have achieved an outstanding value, and this is our reason to create this service.

Corporate concierge will make sure that kids are safely collected from school, the repairman has solved domestic issues, the car has passed the vehicle inspection, etc. Your reliable assistant will remotely accomplish various kinds of tasks and solve arising problems. So, he will save you time and effort.

The top executives truly value their time and gladly outsource smaller tasks. Let them focus on the important goals for you and leave behind all worries over trifles, motivate them with Kakdoma Barcelona corporate concierge service.

  • Concierge service as a privilege for successful workers
  • Simultaneous purchase of the service for several employees at a reduced price
  • Remote support 24/7, individual phone line
  • Planning and organisation of individual trips and events
  • Possibility to provide concierge services of Kakdoma Barcelona on behalf of your company (white label)
  • Time gifts – vouchers for employees valid for an agreed number of hours to accomplish their personal tasks

No request is too large or too small for us to find the way to make it work for you

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Our clients and partners recommend us:

Eugeny K., Barcelona

“We orderded an off-premise catering with barbecue for our little corporate party. Everything was perfect: fresh products, nice decoration and excellent cook. The meat and fish were above all praise!) We have been using the services of KDB for already 2 years, its is a high-quality service for reasonable prices!”

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