You will need a PERSONAL SECRETARY in Barcelona in case you are an active person, you value your time and want to be a successful person.

What questions does the personal secretary solve?

Any questions!

From everyday queries to special business requests which require special knowledge, contacts and understanding. We solve all your questions as in the office, online and by phone, so outside the office.

Only highly professional people which know their business and which you can trust work in the company Kakdoma Barcelona. While using the services of the personal manager from Kakdoma Barcelona, you avoid the loss of time and additional expenses for the little worries.

Why is it better to use the services of the personal secretary from the company Kakdoma Barcelona and not to hire a private person?

  1. Thanks to the company’s work experience with the different clients, our personal secretaries are specially taught to do their job and act self-confidently because they have the support and experience of the whole team. Сonsequently, you will get a deliberate, effective decision and at the same time we maintain the confidentiality.
  2. If your personal secretary from Kakdoma Barcelona can not work out the issue as urgently as you wish for some reasons, we can do it instead of him.
  3. If you order the service of the personal secretary, you can be sure that all your questions and duties will be solved on time, professionally and confidentially.
  4. You can order our services as for some days, so for some weeks, months or for the whole year.
  5. The services are possible in Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Lithuanian, English, French and German languages. But the most important thing is that our secretary understands the local culture, so that he can comply with the request more professionally than the hired interpreter.
  6. The personal secretary is proactive, he doesn’t only fulfil, but also anticipate your wishes and needs, does as the working duties, so the home duties. Need a dinner after an exhausting meeting in the business-centre? Your personal secretary is already ready to advise a good restaurant nearby where there is a free table! You have stayed too long at work and haven´t noticed that it is time to pick up the child from the nursery school? Don’t worry – your secretary is already there and he is ready to bring him home.
  7. The personal secretary will not only perform your tasks, but also will make your life much better!

How can the personal secretary from Kakdoma Barcelona be useful for you?

  • Preparation of your home for your return
  • Organization of the transportation
  • Personal budget management
  • Recommendations and reservations of hotels, restaurants, tickets, etc.
  • Personal shopping
  • Organization of visits to the places closed for the common public
  • Event management, gifts’ purchase and packaging, its delivery
  • Accomplishment of any little errands
  • Reminding about the important events
  • Search of any type of information
  • Other services

The personal secretary from Kakdoma Barcelona is the guaranty of your success

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